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The Ultimate Coaching Program

For athletes ready to make a serious commitment to their training goals.

The Ultimate Coaching Program includes the following:

Annual Training Plan – A detailed outline of the training cycles built around your goal race, event, or athletic aspirations. Your plan encompasses an overview of your training phases and weekly volumes and intensities.

Training Schedule– Training schedules are conducted in 2-4 week blocks based on your life commitments, schedule and phase of training, making the most of your training time. Focuses on all aspects of sport-specific training as well as strength and power training, including weekly goals, detailed daily workouts, highlighted key workouts, daily recovery indicators, nutritional log, and power and heart rate zones.

Training Intensity Zones– Your personal training intensity profile takes the guess work out of trianing by having your heart rates, paces, RPE (relative perceived exertion), defined for your sport(s). Five training zones are developed through simple field tests to enable workout intenstities to be effectively monitored in a variety of training environments.

Personalized Communication– The philosophy of Ascend Sports Conditioning is that communication is key to the success of any athlete’s training program. Initially, we will conduct a phone interview and review of the Start-Up Package we have you complete, as well as a review of your initial Annual Training Plan and Training Schedule. Subsequently, we will conduct a phone call once per phase (i.e. if a phase is 2 weeks, then we will have a call every 2 weeks) or as often as needed. The goal of the regularly scheduled call is to review your past results and preview the upcoming training phase. In addition to the regularly scheduled call, you will have the ability to call and/or email an UNLIMITED number of times. We will also ask you to complete the Weekly Trianing Report form, which you can email back on a weekly basis. The Weekly Training Report is meant to solicit feedback form you on a weekly basis and a mechanism to make any “on the fly” adjustments to your program.

Nutrition Plan- Detailed nutritional information for both race/event day as well as every day training. An intiial survey will be conducted, from which recommendations will be made for diet and body composiiton adjustments, all based around your periodization training schedule and goals.

Mental Skills Training – Based around your goals, a set of exercises will be constructed to help put short and long-term goals in perspective. Corresponding training objectives are identified and implemented into weekly goals. Pre-and post-event analysis is also included.

Video Analysis – A video analysis is also included of the sport(s) for which you are training. You would provide the video of you conducting the sport for analysis or the video could be taken by us.

Monthly Fee: $110 per month, with a fee of $210 for the first month.