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Professional Consultation and Assessment

For athletes who are want professional direction with one or more aspects of their training.

Ascend Sports Conditioning Professional Consultation and Assessment provides individuals with advice, direction and feedback in one or more areas of training. This service is designed for the athlete who is self-coached in day to day training, but would like professional, personalized diretion with one or more aspects of their training. The consult begins with a 1 hour (or more if needed) phone conversation, from which a detailed, personalized written report will be created, outlining recommendations for you. The consult can cover any and all aspects of multisport training, including review of an existing training plan, focused improvements in mental skills, sports nutrition, strength and power training, race strategy, or other areas. Athletes typically use this service to help fine tune for an upcoming race or event, focus on a particular area of personal weakness, review race or event strategy or plans, or review goals for current or upcoming seasons.

Fee: $200 per consult.